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Robot Sen So in Full Detail $10.00 $0.99
Publisher: TwinBlade Games
by Nathan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/17/2010 21:53:58

This game is surprisingly good. I say "surprisingly" because, for 99cents I really wasn't expecting much. But within the digital covers of this product is an entertaining and challenging combat game that kept my firends and I entertained over the course of an afternoon! The tactical choices required each turn create a sense of tension as you never know if you will be inposition to make an effective attack. I really enjoyed the game play. The Twin Blade website also has some really detailed videos o show you how to play, which is a bonus. The only downside to this product is the very "fiddly" construction required. There are a lot of cards and other pieces to print and cut out in preparation for play, and if you are lacking in patience then your pieces may not come out looking quite like they do in the book! The whole document, however, very clearly and carefully guides you through the process of printing and creating your pieces, telling you which pages to print, what type of paper to print on (it is handy if some things are printed on thicker paper or card) and how to fold the bits that need folding. I skipped a couple of steps and didn't print out the "backs" of the cards and it took my an afternoon to put it all together. Not hard stuff, and nothing out of the ordinary if you are familiar with "print and play" games. For .99cents you can't really go wrong with this, and as I said the game play is really fun. Give it a try.

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Robot Sen So in Full Detail
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