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Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls (Poker-size Cards w/tuckbox) $0.00
Publisher: Matthew Lowes: Weird Fiction & Games
by David M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/20/2018 14:11:42

The deck is beautiful and feels nice in the hands. It's the perfect deck to accompy the book Dugeon Solitaire: Labryinth of Souls.

When coupled with the book, you have tons of ways to enjoy and play this game! So far, I've played Dugeon Solitaire: Tomb of the Four Kings (Basic Game). Labryinth of Souls (Both Expert and Advanced), The Cartomancy varaition which I found to be amazing! So amazing in fact that it rekindled my love of tarot cards that I had in my youth. I'm glad I still kept all my old books on the subject! Lastly, I am currently playing Campaign Mode in Labryinth of Souls, which in my humble opinion is worth the price of the book and deck combined!

My character's name is David the Hop and just upgraded from the Rank of a Fool to a Robber. He also choose to become a Ranger, which will come in handy for those pesky mazes! Each delve that I've done so far is very tense as it should be! I can't say enough good about this game!

The future of David the Hop is an uncertain one for sure, but whatever comes of him, I've still got several other modes to try from the book. Undead Hordes, in which I'll try to detroy a Lich. Dragon's Hoard, in which I'll try to slay a dragon for their hoard of treasure, 2 player mode which I just ordered a 2nd deck for and even a few others. Here's the thing too, not one idea in this book is what I'd consider to be a "filler". It's all well thought out ideas and solid thinking in design all the way around.

For it's portabitly, theme and design, I'd say that it's one of the best Solo RPG's that I own!

If I had to say something bad about this game, I'd say this.

As far as the deck sold on here goes, while nice, I don't think the price reflects the quality. For one, these card backs are black bordered, which means after a fair amount of shuffling the cards will start to show signs of wear more so then if the cards were white bordered. Being a card magician, when I hear the word "Deluxe" used to describe cards, I think "a great quality and finish". While these cards don't feel "cheap" they don't benefit from any noticeable finish either, such as an "Air-Cushion Finsih" that could be found on Bicycle Playing Cards.

Also, I think that in the ad copy for the game, it should be made clear that if one is interested in playing this game two player, that two decks are required.

The small gripes aren't enough for me to lower my 5 star rating of this game and deck. This experience has been as enjoyable as one single game could be and I've only just started stratching the surface of what is possible with this game via the deck and book!

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Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls (Poker-size Cards w/tuckbox)
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