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Publisher: P.D. Magnus
by David G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/07/2019 16:37:03

My order of five Double Decktets (of both the original Decktet and the Capital Decktet) arrived from

  1. A wonderful surprise: the Capital Decktet is now my favorite Decktet! As much as I have loved the original Decktet for years, the Capital Decktet is even better, in my humble opinion. In my opinion, P.D. Magnus has gotten even better as an artist, and as much as I was captivated by his choice of subjects for the first Decktet, the choice of subjects for the Capital Decktet is even better. The subjects are even more interesting, even more compelling. Lastly, the Aces in the Capital Decktet now each get their own detailed artwork (unlike the original Decktet), and each Ace is stunning!

  2. I love the new card back on both decks. The card back is "The Reversal," a new card (card front, that is) in the Capital Decktet. So yes, that individual card (The Reversal) has the same front and back, kinda. This is my favorite card back for the Decktet, ever, by far.

  3. The new reference cards that come with the Double Decktet are especially good. Four of the cards are the same (as each other). They are double-sided. On one side they graphically show the suit distribution among the Decktet cards ranked 2 through 9. On the other side they graphically show the suit distribution among the Pawns and Courts. One nice benefit: these reference cards look cool, beautiful, and a bit mysterious, and I am keeping them on the top and bottom of each Decktet, in the clear plastic case each Decktet is in.

What wonderful news this all is for me. I hope that these developments will result in (much) more publicity and distribution for the Decktet.

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double Decktet
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