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Motivations Card Set (for Ironsworn & Starforged) $4.00
Publisher: Ludic Pen
by Tobias M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/05/2020 03:04:31

i love using these both when playing solo to give me a framework for how my character would act, when i struggle with that and as a dm/player at the table. i often feel stories go nowhere or PCs lack personal goals (acting more like characters in video games...) and these cards are such an easy and actually quite satisfying (i love adding cards to my sheets and gameplay in general) method to facilitate that.

this part relates to Ironsworn, so feel free to skip it if you play other systems. although it might be useful anyways. so i noticed that almost my players and even i on occasion made their background vow essentially their motivation and this can lead to complications, because how do you "finish" a motivation? using motivation cards as a supplement helps guide the players finding a vow that works, because it frees up headspace.

all in all a really cool addition to any game! thanks for making this!

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Motivations Card Set (for Ironsworn & Starforged)
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