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Micro Chapbook RPG: The Card Game $2.99
Publisher: Micro RPG
by Mark P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/11/2020 05:23:29

I've played through this fantastic little game about six times now - albeit some sessions lasted longer than others because it is DEADLY! It offers exactly what I hoped it would - an easy to manage, admin light, solo role playing experience. I'm a big fan of the 'Micro Chapbook' line as it scratches an itch I have for ttrpgs which require little set up time and can be easily transported for gaming 'on the road'. The card game version captures the essence of the core rules very well but makes the whole experience even more streamlined. I absolutely love the b/w artwork which adds to the game's OSR feel. I purchased the pnp version so do be prepared for some production time as you'll need to cut out and fold the cards. Once all that is done it's very easy to get up and running with a game as the rule book is coherant and easy to follow.

One word of warning: be prepared to die and die often! This game will suit you, if like me, you're a 'time poor' gamer. I have been setting this up and leaving it out on the desk in my gaming space then grabbing five minutes here and there to run a hero through a dungeon. They haven't lasted long yet, but that's ok - it's so quick to set up and play again.

Finally, I've only played this solo so far but look forward to getting it on the table for a coop game soon. I think this would be an excellent way to introduce kids (maybe 7 plus) to roleplaying since it's a very snappy experience with little down time. This game deserves a wider audience so I hope the now availiable 'pre-printed' version will attract people to giving it a try.

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Micro Chapbook RPG: The Card Game
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