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Hope Inhumanity (2nd Edition) $14.95
Publisher: Lost Cause Games
by Steven K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/25/2020 17:33:13

This game is really cool! Entertaining and challenging, but easy to pick up, it impressively exceeded expectations. If you're looking to kill a couple hours with an RPG-Lite Cards & Dice table game, this is the one you want to play!

Hope Inhumanity is a gritty apocalyptic game about a group of survivors trying to reach some destination. Players can invest as much as they want in story and character, making it a good gateway to new roleplayers. The game is played out over 5 rounds of randomly drawn Scene cards that present players with difficult situations. Each player can spend from their limited d6 "Humanity" dice pool to succeed or fail at each scene. You can also pull from a community pool of "Hope" dice to overcome the odds in the face of danger from killers and thieves... Failure normally means suffering Hunger or Harm, conditions which act sort of like 'hit points' and also add difficulty to future scenes. The essence of the game is striking a workable balance in that constant trade-off between harm conditions and lost humanity. It does prove rather swingy as the resource management strategy emerges over the course of each round. That's all part of the fun! Failure and death in the game is amusingly grim. Good news is, it counts as a win if at least one player makes it. In the apocalypse, success is a mixed bag at best!

Between the clever Personality, Relationship, and single-use Trait cards, a new cinematic experience results each session. With all its moving parts forming a chaotic but cohesive system, the game should retain a pretty great replay value. Hope Inhumanity's unique mix of fresh and interesting mechanics makes for a quick, challenging, super fun game!

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Hope Inhumanity (2nd Edition)
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