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The GameMaster's Apprentice: Base Deck $9.99
Publisher: Larcenous Designs, LLC
by Sandor A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/25/2020 10:54:55

If you spend hours browsing writing prompts and imagining all the scenarios in which they would make sense or you got into solo role-playing because playing online doesn't cut it for you and you're not allowed to hang out with your friends because of some virus, you'll appreciate this product. Heck, they're great if you just want to unplug and cruise your imagination for a while too.

The quality of the physical cards is on par with a standard deck of playing cards but since there are 60 of them it's a bit of a fight to get them into a standard-sized box; it works, but it's kind of like your dad trying to wear skinny jeans.

Anyway, these are a good buy.

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The GameMaster's Apprentice: Base Deck
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