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The Tower of the Ice Lich - A Solo Dungeon Card Game $2.95
Publisher: Sorchi Games
by Cole y. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/16/2021 19:28:19

Good game ive only played a few times but i enjoyed the mechanics and solo gameplay!! i enjoyed it enough to port it into its own online game i hope thats ok not selling it or anything like that just love table top games and such wanted to get more people to play it!! also you inspired me to try and make my own game as well still in the preliminary stages but getting there! thanks a gain!!! hope you make up some more expansions for it!!! or if you would like to colab on some more content for the game id love that!

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Creator Reply:
Happy to hear that you like the game and thank you for the review! Cool that I inspired you to make your own game. My standpoint regarding porting it, is if you use my design/graphics privately and in a non-public, non-commercial way, that's totally ok! But if you make it available for the public with my design/graphics/cards as it is, that does not feel ok. I'm just protecting the copyright of my brand, not angry or anything :) Send me a PM if you are unsure. I love your enthusiasm, and that is the first step to create an awesome game! I recommend reading "The White Box Essays" by Jeremy Holcomb, a really good book on game design and production, that helped me a lot. And playing a lot of tabletop roleplaying games, but also video-games from 1990s! At the moment I'm focusing more on making new games than expansions, but who knows what the future has in store ;)
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The Tower of the Ice Lich - A Solo Dungeon Card Game
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