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Bestiary Playing Cards $6.99
Publisher: Alexey Aparin
by Kim L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/02/2021 04:50:20

A nice set of "monster" cards! Why?

This is a well-made standard deck of 54 playing cards with a variety of info and graphics for Fantasy gaming fans. You get the usual 4 suits found in any normal deck of cards, but there are 16 "dungeon" tiles among them and 36 "monster" cards and the Jokers are entrance or exit tiles. Each of these cards is different, none of this same monster pic in a different suit you might see with similar decks...each is an individual well drawn pic of (mostly) recognizable fantasy creatures. On each card is a "die" roll with a different number. This set looks like it was made to be "system agnostic" so that it can be played with different rulesets. There are no instructions, but I imagine an imaginitive soul could find a way to use these with whatever game they want...including all the usual card games played with a standard playing deck!

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Bestiary Playing Cards
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