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Pulp Tarot Expansion 3: THE EGG SUIT $10.00
Publisher: AustraBorea
by George M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/25/2022 22:20:11

Ordered this as part of my search for tarot boosters, such as are used for so called 'magpie' tarot decks, and also after seeing the beautiful artwork of the Page of Swords from this set that was incorprated into the Alleyman Tarot kickstarter. This product is a collection of cleverly designed cards consisting of a 14 card minor arcana suite of Eggs, with several alternates, and a collection of alternate major arcana cards. The art is bright and evocative, and the ideas behind each card are clever and thought provoking. They are cut to a standard 2.75 x 4.75 inches in size, but the cardstock used is as thin as I've seen; they will tear, i found by testing the cover card, but it takes more force than what i give my decks normally. The cards have a somewhat textured feel that is visually noticable- they are more matte than glossy. And it should be noted that the card backs are not all aligned- most have one or two thin white bars along the edges in varying places. The card fronts also have a varying frame, but it doesn't affect the artwork in any noticable way. There is no real guidance included for divination, but the cards are certinaly evocotive enough to express themselves as needed in readings.

For those looking to enhance or or change out cards in their tarots, this is an excellent set to start with. The physical material & its texture may not be for all, but they feel like they should last long and well, with care.

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Pulp Tarot Expansion 3: THE EGG SUIT
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