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The Castle of Sanguine Blight - A Solo Dungeon Card Game $2.95
Publisher: Sorchi Games
by scott f. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/20/2023 21:53:06

since there are no reviews i figured i'd throw out a crappy rambling one, cause it's the best i can do! have played 4 games, one with each character, so far. really ejoying it! there's a ton of cards so each run feels pretty fresh as there's such a HUGE amount of card combinations between the 30 rooms and 30 events. rules were really easy to pick up, too. if anyone always wonders about that kind of thing like i do. am gonna buy by ice lich game in the next few days, probably.

the only real complaint i can come up with is the number of 9 to hit for dice rolls seems a bit high. i made it to vampire and died there in one run, the other 3 ended on the "second floor" of the dungeon. but this is a relatively minor thing, as there are plenty of ways to house rule it (make it 8 or maybe give the characters 1 extra point in str/dex/int).

bottom line is this is a solid dungeon crawling game with a decent sized stack of cards to keep it from feeling like you are playing the same thing over and over. definitely worth the price.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Scott, and thank you for your review! Happy you liked it, and yes, that’s a good suggestion to add the page number on the card games. You now only see the number of cards, which means nothing for those using a print-and-play version. I’ll add that somewhere in the info. Regarding the number 9, I wanted it to be hard, but as you say, easy to house rule. In fact, I expect, no demand, that people hack the s**t out of my games! And use it as inspiration for RPG games and other stuff. With that, I hope you have a nice day!
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The Castle of Sanguine Blight - A Solo Dungeon Card Game
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