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The Cauldron - Tango One hero deck $6.00
Publisher: Matthew Bishop
by Robin F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/23/2019 11:49:20

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a great game which understands how to make co-op fun. However where SotM understands how card games work and makes decisions from there, The Cauldron understands how SotM works and adds to and improves the base formula. This set is worth a buy if you love Sentinels. Now let's talk about why Tango One is a great hero

As a quick aside her name consued me at first. I thought it was like "The Tango One" but then I realized it was more like "Come in, Tango 1. Do you copy, over?" Anyway, she's a sniper with psychic powers, which is pretty dang neat but that also means you're going to need to be very patient with this hero. She has a lot of cards that increase the next damage of her attack, but for the first few rounds you'll have to choose between dealing that damage or setting up future plays.

Tango One's most unique feature is her Critical cards. On its own the keyword means nothing, but there are cards in her deck that activate some powerful effects if you discard them. The most obvious examples are Critical Hit and Cameflage armor, which increase the damage you or prevent damage taken if you discard a critical off the top of your deck.

Tango One is a great hero for people who like dealing burst damage. Building up her attack over a few turns and then letting her inflict a ton of damage is very satisfying. You can burn out of cards quickly if you aren't careful, and you'll need to skip a few attacks to set her up properly. But when she's ready to fire, you better stay out of this sniper's line of sight.

(I went back and forth on her being a 4 or 5, so let's just say she's a 4.5, ok?)

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The Cauldron - Tango One hero deck
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