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The Cauldron - The Ram villain deck $6.00
Publisher: Matthew Bishop
by Robin F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/25/2019 16:38:14

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a great game which understands how to make co-op fun. However where SotM understands how card games work and makes decisions from there, The Cauldron understands how SotM works and adds to and improves the base formula. This set is worth a buy if you love Sentinels. Now let's talk about why The Ram is a great villain

The flipping mechanic in Sentinels is a pretty interesting concept, especially since there's a lot that can be done with it from phase 2 enemies (Baron Blade, The Dreamer), changing attack patterns (Matriarch, Omnitron) or just creating a super mode that's much harrder to take down (Gloomweaver, Spite). However, there are very few enemies that the active goal is to get them to flip over, which is what makes the fight with the Ram so interesting.

The Ram is a giant robot that's destroying the city, but it doesn't matter how tought you are you, won't dent it if you're too far away from it! So you can put "up close" cards next to your heroes to make them right up next to this monster. If everyone's right next to him, that's when he flips and becomes vulnerable!

But just because you want him to filp doesn't mean you should go for it right away. The Ram has several targets in its deck, each on representing the weaponry the ram can deploy, some of which can only hurt or be hurt by heroes at a certain range. The Ram also has some self-denfense messures in place to punish anyone who gets too close!

The Ram is a great, strategic fight where you have to position yourself correctly and at the right time to make it vulnerable. It feels like an exhilirating cat and mouse game where you're trying to flip the Ram at just the right time while the Ram tries to stay rightside up. This along with postioning that gives you control to maximize damage and minimize harm, makes the Ram one of the more strategic villains you can find

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The Cauldron - The Ram villain deck
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