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Facing the Consequences $9.99 $4.99
Publisher: Sune Nodskou
by Jim B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/25/2018 23:13:39

I like the concept but I find many of the consequences too severe and somewhat uneven.

Consider mild consequences. In Fate Accelerated, which is what I use, "mild consequences vanish at the end of the scene, provided you get a chance to rest" (page 22). In Fate Core, "Mild consequences don’t require immediate medical attention. They hurt, and they may present an inconvenience, but they aren’t going to force you into a lot of bed rest" (page 163). I recall someone's rule of thumb that mild consequences need first aid or a brief rest, moderate consequences need a doctor, and severe consequences need an emergency room; I'm not sure that's official, but it seems compatible with the Fate Accelerated and Fate Core descriptions.

And yet this deck includes "mild" consequences such as Lost Some Fingers, Cooked Off Ear, and Fractured Thigh. A brief rest or a little first aid isn't going to grow back your fingers, you know?

And then among the severe consequences, we find [1-5] Fingers Crushed and Broken. Broken fingers are severe but missing fingers are mild?

My workaround is to tell players who pull harsh "mild" consequences to replace them with a milder equivalent that can go away with a little rest or first aid. But if we have to make up our own consequences anyway, that works against the stated purpose of the deck.

I realize now that although the deck is tagged here with Fate as the rule system, Fate is not mentioned anywhere in the product description or in the deck itself. The deck includes not only mild, moderate, and severe consequences, but also extreme consequences, which I haven't seen in any Fate products (although my knowledge may well be incomplete on that point). If these cards weren't intended to go with Fate, it's been tagged misleadingly.

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Facing the Consequences
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