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Werewolf Poker Deck: The Wild West
Publisher: White Wolf
by Arthur D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/23/2018 06:43:31

Today I received my Werewolf: the Wild West Poker Deck from The original cards from 1997 were over-sized poker-deck cards designed to promote the (then) upcoming Werewolf: the Wild West tabletop RPG.

I had the original set, but they were ruined by water damage and I had to throw them away years ago.

Fortunately, White Wolf has re-released the cards through DTRPG, so I decided to check them out.

Physically speaking, the cards and box are pretty standard to any other playing cards (though the box is designed with a sort of extra flap of cardboard inside that keeps the deck a bit more secure within it. As the original cards were the same ratio, there's no strangeness to the images (Though due to the packaging differences, the box has some differences.) The deck not only includes the usual (52 cards, with two jokers), but also rules on playing a few variations of poker, and the promo card announcing the upcoming W:tWW as well. It's a bit amusing seeing the promotion for "Werewolf: the Wild West, available in June 1997.." Also, the box artwork is recreated (as best as they can) with the original artwork, meaning that the back contains the original UPC, ISBN, Stock #, and even the White Wolf Game Studio logo with the 7735 Park North Blvd address. XD

My only real issue is that the artwork seems a bit muddy/faded/blurry. This could be from the scanning/transfer process, or this is just how the original files looked and represent how they looked originally too.

I'd love to see an "updated" version of the deck with some contemporary artwork done up, as well as not having the "Werewolf: the Wild West Poker Deck" on the backs... heck, even just removing "Poker Deck" would be nice... but as this is a recreation of the original product, it's likely more for those seeking to reclaim something they once had, rather than a product for folks new to the scene.

Over-all, it's decent and I hope that at some point they can find a way of printing cards on tarrot-card dimensions so that we can get a re-issue of the Mage: The Ascension Tarrot deck made too.

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Werewolf Poker Deck: The Wild West
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