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The Cauldron Adrift - Screamachine villain deck $6.00
Publisher: Matthew Bishop
by Jeff P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/05/2019 18:48:25

Screammachine Review: This villain is actually a 4-member rock band whom you must face, and hopefully, take down before they finishing warming up and really rock out! Mechanically, you have four separate targets, each with around 30 health. Each round a minimum of 1 Guitarist, Vocalist, Bassist, or Drummer card is played from their set list and attached to a specific band member and, when any member has 3 such cards, they flip and upgrade. Cards played from the villain deck also trigger abilities, keyed to Guitarist, Vocalist, Bassist, or Drummer, thus the more “upgrades” a band member has the more harm they cause when triggered. Similarly, when the band is down members (specifically when there are H-2 band members left) they again increase their power, playing more cards and setting off more triggers. While Screammachine has many triggers to track, particularly when Live in Concert is played and all active band member’s abilities are triggered, the way that they slowly ramp up and allow you to breathe easier in the first few turns, makes for an interesting battle. Also, the deck tends to be gentle on character Look forward to going toe-to-toe with this death metal band in the future!

General Cauldron Review: I came late to the Cauldron fan-expansion, but once I found it I picked up all of the cards available on this site. First off, let me say that the printing of the cards was excellent; I noticed no errors, misprints, or damages to any of the 1500+ cards. The art style by Matt Bishiop is excellent in its own right, but also reminiscent of the original game’s style, thus they look nice on the table together. The cost of these cards is high in comparison, roughly 11 cents a card on this site (an average of all of the bundles I purchased divided by approximately 1635 cards,) versus roughly 7 cents a card on Amazon (looking at the core Sentinels game at full price, or 4 cents a card while on sale.) But, as this is the only game in town and the quality of the cards is so high, I really have no complaints and would almost definitely buy a new set if it were forthcoming.

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The Cauldron Adrift - Screamachine villain deck
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