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Saloon Fate Deck $12.00
Publisher: Wyrd Miniatures
by Brennon S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/21/2022 11:48:49

Cards came in today, box seems sturdy and the material feels very rigid. The art on the front and back of the cards is very crisp and consistent with no noticable blemishes or misprints. There are 14 pieces of character art included, 3 for each of the 4 original factions and one for each joker. The character art is exactly whats advertised, raunchy pinup style charicatures of the women of malifaux, while some of it varies in quality it is ultimately well done and if you're ordering this deck, you will likely be pleased with the result. The non face cards are broken in weak/moderate arts, with a less flashy version of the suit for the weak and a more detailed/flashy version of the suit for the moderate, this art looks good and is a nice inclusion. These cards do have a drawback though wehre the top right of the card only includes the suite and the severity while the number of the cards are on the top left/bottom right, which means that the full information of the card is not where you are normally used to looking and this could have been done better. Ultimately, that is my only complaint about the deck and would recommend it to anyone interested.

Characters Included: Rams: Lady Justice, Perdita, Sonnia Tomes: Kaeris, Collette, Rasputina Crows: Molly, Reva, Kirai Masks: Pandora, Lilith, Titania Black Joker: Ma Tuckett Red Joker: Viktorias

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Saloon Fate Deck
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