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The 1909 Art Restoration Deck Tarot Cards $33.33
Publisher: C in London
by Danniel P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/01/2022 13:34:25

I was really excited to get this deck because it's the closest thing out there to Pixie's original and the most oldest version found. I like that the box is simple and clean, with very little imagry. The card stock is great for shuffling and will wear well with time. However, the cutting of this deck is absolutely horrible. For the amount of money of this deck, I would expect to have an even border around the cards. That is absolutely not the case here. All the cards are not centered correctly and my High Priestess card is so far to the right that some of the words got cut off. Then theres a huge space to the left that is partially white and then partially a tan color. I'm so disappointed in the lack of care taken to make sure that such an important deck had everything centered and even, was thrown out the window...especially for a total of $40. If I wanted a deck this poorly made, I would have bought a knock-off for $10 off Amazon.

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The 1909 Art Restoration Deck Tarot Cards
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