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TITLE BOUT II COMPLETE: Easy Order [BUNDLE] $43.35 $34.08
Publisher: Straight Jab Media
by Ronald F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/01/2021 20:47:29

Ordered the bundle package for TITLE BOUT II and was pleasantly pleased with everything that I received. This is a great way to get the essential components to play this game at a reasonable price. Does not come with the rule book but that is easily remedied by either ordering it from DriveThruCards or downloading them from the Straight Jab website. The printed rule book from DriveThru is of excellent quality and recommended. The charts and cards included are attractive and easy to read. I have the original TITLE BOUT game from Avalon Hill games produced in the late 1970s and really enjoyed it, but this game is completely updated and I feel a much better game. I love that many of the Boxing divisions are available here on DriveThru with many more to come according to the comments I've read on Facebook from Jim Trunzo creator of the game. Highly recommend it to anyone who loves the "sweet science" of boxing. Looking forward to many hours of recreating famous bouts such as Hagler vs. Hearns, Ali vs. Frazier, and much more.

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