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Vampire the Masquerade: Nosferatu $1.99
Publisher: Moonstone
by Ryan G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/15/2020 04:09:48

Moonstone Clan Comics Review: I decided to purchase all of the old Moonstone VTM clan comics in anticipation for the upcoming run from Vault Comics, and wow, these things sure are a product of their era. Oftentimes they’re edgy for the sake of being edgy, lacking even the semblance of substance. The characters are often poorly fleshed out and completely unbelievable. Everything that happens in the narrative is there only to throw you off the trail of the inevitable, horribly convoluted and nonsensical twist. There are constant red herrings throughout and then when the twist happens, you’re left in shock at the utter stupidity. But for that reason, they can be genuinely entertaining, like a B-movie.

Nosferatu Review: All that said, this Nosferatu issue is easily the best of the clan issues. It tells the tale of a girl abducted by a Nosferatu. While not all of their interactions are believable and the state of mind of the characters can be erratic and hard to pinpoint, the narrative at least stays focused on the main character and her relationship with the Nosferatu character. There’s barely a twist in this one even. The ending is actually competently set up! If you were going to give these comics a try, you should start here. Maybe you should end here as well.

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Vampire the Masquerade: Nosferatu
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