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Magic: The Gathering Volume 1
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Publisher: IDW Publishing
by Scott V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/10/2017 21:14:41

It's been a while since I really played magic. Back when I played I do't recall there being Planeswalkers. I don't see myself getting back into the game after reading this first volume either. With that being said I do see myslef intrigued by the world of Magic: The Gathering. The art here is nice and crisp. Each of the different planes has it's own feel and they pop off the page. Innistrad espically was beutifully colored. Many kudos to Martin Coccolo for the art and J. Edwin Stevens for the colors. For plot it's okay. Dak Fayden is a Planeswalker and he has stolen an item and this has caused many people to be less than happy with him about it. Avoiding spoliers I will say that the pacing could have been a bit better, at times the action was overly rushed and I had to force myself to slow down and actually take in what was happening. Parts of the plot also are basic in their exection. So, while elements of the story were formulaic in their execution it was an enjoyable read. Fans of Magic will enjoy this. The art is good The story is decent and even as an old Magic fan I see the secod volume being picked up in the near future to see what happens next.

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Magic: The Gathering Volume 1
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