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It's Not My Fault! (A Fate Accelerated Character & Situation Generator) $5.00
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC
by Kris S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/21/2018 13:53:01

(These comments apply to this product and to the "Fantastic" add-on.) I have now tried this product out twice: once to introduce a father and daughter as new players to the system, and once at a convention where around seven people wanted to play, some experienced with Fate. For the first group I threw together a simple battle using these cards, justified as part of an arena scenario. We stopped after the battle, but I later saw the father GMing a Fate session of his own. At the convention, we put together a scene where the heroes were being menaced by an evil priest and his Cage of Blood, as I tried to explain the system and use the cards to help people understand their characters. The players took to it quickly; the turning point came when the orc character decided he was going to "interrogate the lute" and spend a fate point to declare that it was capable of speech. We ended up putting on a fantasy death metal concert that led to a demon appearing in the mosh pit while our imp gadgeteer used a remarkably effective prince disguise to perform with the evil lute.

In other words, this product let my groups put together some fun little scenarios on the fly and introduce new players to the system easily. My only regret here is that I should have bought the actual printed cards, rather than trying to save by doing print-and-play (which ended up being more trouble than the savings were worth).

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It's Not My Fault! (A Fate Accelerated Character & Situation Generator)
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