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The Cauldron - Base set [BUNDLE] $126.00 $62.00
Publisher: Matthew Bishop
by James G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2019 17:23:17

I bought the entire Cauldron with the expansions and promos; they just arrived and everything is organized nicely in the box. Made it easy for me to move them all into Sentinels boxes. The card quality is a little thinner than the official cards, but only by a little; they are good quality and what I expected. I am very happy with what I got, and the print quality is very good too. So far I haven't encountered any misprints, and even if I did I wouldn't worry. The only downside is the decks don't have their own dividers; but it's an easy fix with how the individual decks were packaged (just write the name of the deck on the plastic). Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone looking to buy the Cauldron. Will definitely come back to this site if I ever need to have something printed!

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The Cauldron - Base set [BUNDLE]
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