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Pam's Vintage Tarot size $28.00
Publisher: LuckyCardStudio
by Fabian A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/07/2020 12:05:52

{{Dear deck creator, if you're reading: Please give a similar treatment to a Marseille deck!!!!}} Now on to the review: At long last, I have found "THE DECK" for me!!! At least for RWS style decks. I am a fan of borderless cards and removing the titles makes the deck more universal but I love that the majors still have numerals. The decorative motif on the corners go well with the vintage effect and remind me of the time period the images were first created in. But the real gem is also this cardstock! It feels and shuffles like no other deck I own without being glossy or plastic feeling and simply perfect. I also personally love the tuck box - it's construction is not one I've had before but I find it charming, easy enough to get cards in and out of and I like to see tuck boxes get tattered up with time. But if the box were fancier I'd get that too.

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Pam's Vintage Tarot size
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